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     Our Story

Munanita is a Lagos originated bridal couture brand founded  in July 2022


The Name

The name Munanita  is an old signature of the designer meaning "FROM ANITA".

The name was inspired mostly by the designers Iranian name Anita (Anahita in full) which can relate to kindness, grace and favour.  While "Mun" is associated with the Korean meaning of "From" which she felt was a cheekier way to sign off. and it definitely is!

The Designer

 Adaeze Anita Obi-Umeofia who has a background in accounting /finance, and a certificate in fashion design from Parsons school of design in New York., doubles as the founder and creative director for the brand

Adaeze is known for her hand beading with fine crystals, beads, stones and pearls and even more notably, her attention to detail. 

Adaeze is a wife and mother and her goal is to make every brides dream come true . 

The Brand

Munanita is a luxury bridal and couture establishment that offers majorly bridal and luxury occasion wear. 

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